Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!

Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!
- Putting the Beauty of Wood in the Hands of Kayakers -

NorthPoint Paddles is a family-run business in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for kayakers everywhere to experience the special benefits of paddling with a Greenland-style paddle. The blade design allows for less stress on your shoulders & elbows without sacrificing speed. Everyone, beginners & experts alike, appreciates being able to paddle longer with less fatigue. We believe whether you are paddling out on a lake, going down an easy flowing river or creek, heading out on a sea kayaking adventure or trying out your kayak roll, you will appreciate paddling with a Greenland paddle. Check out Our Paddles!


Thank You, Thank You to All of Our NorthPoint Paddles Customers!

Hi Everyone...Brita, here!

Brita - Co-Owner of NorthPoint Paddles

Randy & I just want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our amazing customers who have supported us during this challenging time. We have been blown away by the continued interest in our handcrafted Greenland kayak paddles, despite the difficult times we all live in. You have made it possible for us to keep doing what we love to do - putting the beauty of wood in the hands of kayakers. So, thank you - truly, thank you!

What Are Customers Saying About NorthPoint Paddles?

As makers of Greenland kayak paddles, our customers range from kayakers who are experienced using a Greenland paddle, to kayakers who have never used one before. And as a small family business, we love being able to devote the time to answer questions, walk through the process of determining the right size for each customer, as well as help explain the benefits of using a Greenland paddle. Plus, we love that we get to chat/email with some wonderful, interesting people along the way.

Here is some feedback, along with photos, that we received recently from a couple of our customers - their smiles speak volumes!


NorthPoint Paddles' Customer with Rosario

"Hey Brita and Randy!

I received the paddle tonight...I am admiring the workmanship and detail...what an amazing gift of work I would never have imagined owning. It is much lighter than I thought and it feels so natural in my hands. I love the long gain and the light and dark transitions of the wood is absolutely beautiful. It has movement just sitting there. I cannot imagine what your upper end paddles must be like."

A little while later, after his first time using his NorthPoint Paddle...

"I promised a pic on the maiden voyage with the new paddle and here it is. [see above]

...I have had two people stop me to ask about your paddle and I proudly point to your logo with a big smile."

Wayne K   [purchased the Rosario model]


NorthPoint Paddles' Customer with Classic

"Hey there Brita. The paddle came via FedEx yesterday and I got a chance to take it for a spin this morning. Works like a charm. Perfect fit. All that measuring paid off. One of my friends said "Wow, that looks like a work of art." I said "It is." Please say thanks to your husband for making it."

Chris B   [purchased the Classic model]


Thank you again, Everyone!

Stay safe and Keep on Paddling!

Brita Isselin
Co-Owner, NorthPoint Paddles