Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!

Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!
- Putting the Beauty of Wood in the Hands of Kayakers & Canoeists -

NorthPoint Paddles is a family-run business in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for kayakers & canoeists everywhere to experience the special benefits of paddling with a Greenland-style paddle. The blade design allows for less stress on your shoulders & elbows without sacrificing speed. Everyone, beginners & experts alike, appreciates being able to paddle longer with less fatigue. We believe whether you are paddling out on a lake, going down an easy flowing river or creek, heading out on a sea kayaking adventure or trying out your kayak roll, you will appreciate paddling with a Greenland paddle. Check out Our Paddles!


A Big Thank You to Our Canoecopia 2019 Customers

Banner - Greenland Paddles by NorthPoint Paddles

We had a good time this year at Canoecopia and we want to thank all of you who braved the winter weather to come on out to the show. We enjoyed being back in Madison, WI, and reuniting with our Canoecopia booth neighbors (they are so much fun!) - AND loved visiting with our customers. It’s like our home away from home when we are there. We love it!

Norm and Beth - NorthPoint PaddlesOn a personal note…it was a little different for us this year at the show. Part of our NorthPoint Paddles family couldn’t make it due to illness. Brita’s parents, Norm and Beth, had to cancel going to Canoecopia at the last minute. They were so bummed they couldn’t make it – they love being there as much as we do – and we love having them there. Thankfully, they are both doing better now.

Before heading back home, we took a detour to the shores of Lake Michigan, taking advantage of the blue sky that day. Even though we are from the west coast, it still blows us away at how absolutely huge Lake Michigan really is – we feel like we are standing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, not a lake! Well, our detour didn’t disappoint. It was so cool (no pun intended!) to see the piles of snow that was literally in frozen pieces. And it was also fun to watch the pieces of ice floating on the lake surface that would surf on the crest of each wave that came in - making clinking noises as it went. Fun experience!

Our flight home had an interesting twist to it…as we descended for our landing in Seattle, one of the engines on our plane was hit by lightning! Thankfully, no damage to the plane and we landed safely. Whew! Never a dull moment!

Randy of NorthPoint Paddles at Lake Michigan

We are looking forward to going back to Canoecopia next year. The dates for Canoecopia2020 are March 13-15. Don’t miss it! Hope to see you there next year!

Keep on Paddling!

Randy & Brita Isselin
NorthPoint Paddles


Our Favorite Event Will Soon Be Here…Canoecopia 2019!

Greenland Kayak Paddles by NorthPoint Paddles

We are working away carving & finishing a number of our Greenland kayak paddles – all in preparation for the largest paddlesports show, Canoecopia 2019, to be held March 8-10 in Madison, WI. We are so looking forward to being there for our 7th year. Last year was our best year yet – selling all but 3 paddles. Wow! It was amazing!

If you want to learn more about paddling with a Greenland kayak paddle or want to check out our paddles in person, stop by our booth (M2) - we would love to chat with you!

Randy & Brita Isselin
Owners of NorthPoint Paddles


From Our Family to Yours...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from NorthPoint Paddles

Brita dodging snowballs instead of rice on our wedding day
Brita dodging snowballs instead of rice
on our wedding day
Norm and Beth on their wedding day - 60 years ago
Norm and Beth ~ 60 Years Ago

Logan at age 3 on the 1967 family Christmas card
A replica of the original Christmas card
created in 1967 by Norm of his son, Logan,
when he was 3 years old in his little red pajamas

Beth in Scottsdale
Beth ~ Scottsdale
Grandma in Norway
Grandma ~ Norway

Logan with Magne and Edie Sailing in Norway
Logan in Norway with Magne and Edie

Randy in the 2010 Ski to Sea Race in Bellingham - using a NorthPoint Paddle
Randy participating in the 2010 Ski to Sea Race
in Bellingham ~ using a NorthPoint Paddle


Wishing All of You a Truly Wonderful Thanksgiving!
- from our NorthPoint Paddles family to yours -
Norm involved with making boat motors to be used in the jungles of Peru
Good times...here is Norm involved with making boat motors to be used in the jungles of Peru


Another Dealer for NorthPoint Paddles

As we mentioned in our last post, we have a new dealer for NorthPoint Paddles!

We are thrilled to announce that in addition to Pygmy Boats (located in Port Townsend, WA), our paddles are now being sold in The Paddle Shop at Yeager’s Sporting Goods in Bellingham, WA. Yeager’s celebrated its 96th anniversary this year and their paddlesports shop is recognized as one of the best in the area. We are excited to be teaming up with them. Stop on by Yeager’s Paddle Shop to check out our paddles in person – you can even test them out!

NorthPoint Paddles Now at Yeager's Paddle Shop!