Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!

Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!
- Putting the Beauty of Wood in the Hands of Kayakers -

NorthPoint Paddles is a family-run business in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for kayakers everywhere to experience the special benefits of paddling with a Greenland-style paddle. The blade design allows for less stress on your shoulders & elbows without sacrificing speed. Everyone, beginners & experts alike, appreciates being able to paddle longer with less fatigue. We believe whether you are paddling out on a lake, going down an easy flowing river or creek, heading out on a sea kayaking adventure or trying out your kayak roll, you will appreciate paddling with a Greenland paddle. Check out Our Paddles!


Yes, NorthPoint Paddles is Still Alive and Well, and...

Still making paddles and still taking orders. It's just that we have been devoting our time to caring for my parents, Norm and Beth, instead of keeping our blog updated.

Norm and Beth (Brita's parents)
Norm and Beth - 2017
My mother, Beth, had a setback this summer with her fight against cancer - the treatment she had been on for the last three years stopped working and the cancer started to grow again. She has been put on a new treatment and so far, so good - it seems to be working!!! She, now, has to be extra careful to not get sick or any infection while on this treatment - it is pretty strong stuff and messes with the immune system. But, even though she has gone through so much, she is doing pretty well. She is such a trooper!

My father, Norm, underwent hip replacement surgery in October - finally able to do so after two years of clearing up some other health issues. The surgery was successful and his recovery was going well. Then, this last week, he also experienced a setback - he ended up in the hospital for 4 days due to a complication. Thankfully, he is home now and regaining his strength.

Life has a way of making unexpected turns and we are grateful for the time we have together - family is very important to us.

In light of my parents' current health issues, we have decided to not participate in Canoecopia 2020. As much as we all will miss being there - it is a highlight for us each year - we need to be home this time around taking care of our family.

We will continue to make our Greenland-style kayak paddles, and continue to sell them and take orders. So, if you have questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to email us at northpointpaddles@gmail.com.

Keep on Paddling!

Brita Isselin
Co-Owner, NorthPoint Paddles