Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!

Welcome to NorthPoint Paddles!
- Putting the Beauty of Wood in the Hands of Kayakers -

NorthPoint Paddles is a family-run business in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for kayakers everywhere to experience the special benefits of paddling with a Greenland-style paddle. The blade design allows for less stress on your shoulders & elbows without sacrificing speed. Everyone, beginners & experts alike, appreciates being able to paddle longer with less fatigue. We believe whether you are paddling out on a lake, going down an easy flowing river or creek, heading out on a sea kayaking adventure or trying out your kayak roll, you will appreciate paddling with a Greenland paddle. Check out Our Paddles!


Here at NorthPoint Paddles, We are About…

Putting the Beauty of Wood in the Hands of Kayakers ~ AND CANOEISTS, TOO!

NorthPoint Paddles - Greenland-style Canoe Paddle

Congratulations, Carol K. from Wisconsin, on winning our first Greenland-style canoe paddle at Canoecopia this year!

“It is absolutely beautiful and a work of art.
We are very much looking forward to trying it out in our canoe. Definitely something
new and exciting!”


    All of our Greenland Paddles are…
  • Handcrafted
  • Lightweight & Strong
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easier on Your Shoulders, Elbows & Wrists
  • And Make it Possible for You to Paddle with Less Fatigue

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Greenland-style kayak or canoe paddles, feel free to contact us.